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Elegant dresses brand


Ivory & Kate create handmade gowns and best memories. Become a part of Ivory & Kate now!!

Elegant dresses brand


Ivory & Kate create handmade gowns and best memories. Become a part of Ivory & Kate now!!

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Whether you've been dreaming of your wedding dress since you were five and know the exact specifications you want for it down to the last sequin, or you've never thought about it until your future spouse's mother nagged, "You still haven't gotten your gown," we've got you covered on how to choose a wedding dress...Finding your..
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based in New York state


About Ivory & Kate's bridal shop

Ivory & Kate is the company for creating designer evening dresses, dresses for special events, bridesmaids dresses, mother-of-the-bride dresses, and any special occasion dress you need. Ivory & Kate has a team of talented designers who want to give every woman positive emotions when wearing our products.

We have been sewing dresses of various styles for many years and are proud of our high-quality work. We use only the best materials and fabrics, ignoring unreliable suppliers. We do not pursue the goal of reducing the cost of each element of the product by using cheap materials. Instead, we optimize our working time and try to fulfill each order quickly in an effort to reduce costs for the consumer.

Now let's move on from the official part of the story about us, and talk about the passion each team member puts into each dress. We do not strive to get super-profits by buying cheap fabrics and selling you dresses with dozens of markups. We want you to order our dress, try it on, and feel the comfort that we create for each client. We are developing more slowly than our competitors to focus on quality and design, but we are happy to see orders from your friends, daughters, and mothers who have received your feedback and decided to also purchase our products. Our credo has always been “Beauty should not sacrifice.” In this motto, we lay a deep meaning that uncomfortable clothes presented beautifully are not an option. We create and sew unique wedding, bridesmaids, evening, casual, and children's dresses that will not only impress friends, acquaintances, and others, but they will also be comfortable to wear. We are pleased to inform you that you can dance, walk, have fun, and enjoy your wedding or evening in high society. You will not feel any discomfort with our products. The team of Ivory & Kate specially selects unique materials and perfectly combines fabrics so that they stretch in the right places and do not harm your body. Our dresses are for people who live life, and we understand that.


In addition to sewing wedding dresses for the bride, we create original looks for bridesmaids who also want to stand out at the wedding. For 9 years of work, we have learned to create unique outfits that do not overshadow the main woman of the evening, but only complement her dress and special atmosphere. Our team is primarily focused on dress production and sewing, primarily of wedding dresses. Our products are very important for every woman, because the memories of this day will stay with her for life. We are not a huge textile factory, so we can work more precisely. It is in our power to give each client a little more attention than others, so that the final product is exactly the way the woman wants. For us, every woman is special, a person who deserves her happiness, and our outfits are a part of this happiness.

We always recommend for each client to contact our consultants and managers in advance so that we can fulfill the order without haste. Of course, we will try, even if there is not much time, but quality and details take time. Even if you are not sure whether you want to order a dress from us, you will at least receive help and support, and at the most, you will get a dress in your life that will be remembered by you forever.

More than 50,000 women around the world have already tried our products and were happy. Likewise, we will do our best for the sake of your outfit, which will be made especially for you and delivered with care at the right time. Any mistake is something personal for us. Therefore, we do our best to prevent them and will not allow them in any case. This is facilitated by the multi-stage verification of finished products from Ivory & Kate. We do not give you the dress immediately after sewing. We make sure it meets our high manufacturing standards. Every detail must hold tight and the fabric must withstand the stress of a whole day of active games, dancing, singing, entertainment, and festivities. We are ready to vouch for our quality because we responsibly approach our work at all stages: from the development of the initial design to sewing with high-quality materials. With us, you can finally leave your worries about choosing a wedding dress in the past. We fully match the finished product with what you expected from us. And we hope you expect a lot from us.


In addition to sewing wedding dresses for the bride, we create original looks for bridesmaids who also want to stand out at the wedding. After 9 years of work, we have learned to create unique outfits that do not overshadow the main woman of the evening, but only complement her dress and special atmosphere. We've also learned how to work with stylized events well, so we are confident that we can sew the perfect outfits for all women at once. This way you can organize your wedding without worrying about everyone wearing a different style. In our catalog, you will find a huge number of model options, which are growing in number every day. We try to complement the images and offer interesting options, but we do not stop there. Fashion is constantly changing, and with it come new design offerings from the team of Ivory & Kate.


Our team pays special attention to casual dresses to meet the needs of modern women. Our designers believe that, first of all, clothes should be comfortable and versatile. You should be able to run freely down the street, drink coffee and accidentally spill it, and relax on a blanket in the park. Our casual dresses are easy to wash and made from quality materials. During the development of a design project, we take into account that in everyday life, a girl is often accompanied by her handbag, which gradually swipes against her sides. That is why we specially reinforce that area so an unexpected hole in the product does not spoil your mood at the most crucial moment. We care about our customers and are confident that we make the best casual dresses you can find for personal use. It is also a great gift for a woman who is already tired of buying a new dress every season due to scuffs and faded color on the outfit.


We create evening dresses appropriate for any special occasion in a little girl's life. Make your flower girl feel like a princess and keep her look in sync with your bridesmaids' style. In creation, we focus on each girl’s wishes so everyone will fall in love with the finished product. We combine the comfort of high-quality materials suitable for children's skin and the fabulousness of a true princess at the same time. It is very important for us to create an outfit in which dreams come true. Choose from the most exclusive designs and colors.


Our catalog contains a wide selection of evening dresses that will surely make a splash in any place, wherever you go. Our goal is to create impressive designs that are comfortable to wear while capturing the attention of others. Our consultants will help you choose the perfect styles to highlight the dignity of your figure and compensate for any shortcomings. In our collection, there are designs for all figures. You will find a great option for yourself, and we will gladly modify it according to your wishes.


The last call for a young girl is a very important holiday, almost comparable to a wedding. That is why we feel a great responsibility when we create new designs, decorate them, and modernize them at the request of our clients. We are ready to meet you and create the dress of your dreams. Our team of experienced designers will help you decide on the style, color, and accessories. The main thing is to contact our managers in advance so that we can create the perfect image. During sewing and development, we take into account the age, physique, skin and hair color, as well as all sorts of indicators of the girl's silhouette. We invite you to use our catalog to choose a dress for an event or for every day. Call our consultants who are ready to help you with the choice. Ivory & Kate creates comfortable dresses with classy materials and custom designs.