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Bohemian Casual Wool Women Dress

♥️ Casual dress for the winter season!When it's cold you're always struggling between comfort and style. Thinking about this I've designed an extra warm wool dress.It is soft, simple and feminine. The divine white color and small bows on the sleeves ..

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Casual dresses

 A casual dress is an opportunity to feel free and confident in any life situation.  Choosing the right option that will look good during shopping, a vacation or a regular walk with friends is a difficult, especially if you don't know about the basic recommendations from the experts.  Any fashion designer will confidently say that a woman should look great on any day and despite the circumstances.

 The main rule is to focus on your own preferences, and not to the other opinions.  Loose or tight, with a simple pattern or festive, short or almost floor lenght: it all depends only on you.  In our online store of women's dresses Ivory and Kate, you will definitely find a suitable option, and we will try to help you with the choice in this article.

 Womens casual outfits dress

 Our designers believe that even a casual dress should have its own flavor.  It is not obligatory to wear an evening outfit to emphasize the figure.  Our task was to create models that would not restrain movement and were comfortable, while elegantly emphasizing the girl's taste and the desire to look good at any time.

Special attention while choosing should be paid to a material that will not burden with its weight and will allow the body to breathe.  A casual dress should be versatile so that you can work, relax and do your daily routine.  Linen and cotton preferable, and the specific color and style depends more on the season and weather conditions.

 In summer and spring, bright colors are appreciated, which mostly attract the eyes of others and speak of your love for freedom and lightness.  Shapes and patterns of flowers and plants are often used to make the figure thinner and simpler.  Autumn options are more warmer and are distinguished by an emphasis on comfort and warmth.

 The casual dress should be different:

Relevance.  When creating models, we focus on a woman who wants to feel confident in a dress while working, take a walk after a hard day and go to the beach if she wants to freshen up.  At the same time, there is no reference to a specific location, because we know how different girls can be;

 Style.  An emphasis on sexuality and frankness in everyday style can be considered bad form, so we take more modest options and add an elegant twist so that men give you compliments, and women are interested where you bought the dress;

 Comfort.  In our understanding, everyday clothes are comfortable in any situation, even if you want to run, lie down on a blanket by the river or sit at a computer in the office.  You are beautiful at any given time, and we use this rule as our credo.

 It is important to pay attention to these three recommendations, and then the choice depends only on the specific preferences of the person.

 From our side, we also take care of the material of manufacture.  The fabric should be practical for any situation and practically not deform from any external influences.  A child can suddenly grab hold of it, a colleague in the office accidentally runs a pen over the material, and during a trip it is easy to pinch a small flap by the door.  All of the above reasons make us for quality each model for the convenience of washing.

 The dress should withstand any unexpected situations and not shed or shrink after a couple of rinsing procedures.  Our designers even take into account the bag, which is likely to rub against the side of the fabric every day.  Durability, practicality and comfort: these are what we pay attention to when made dresses and testing.

 Long or short casual dress?

 The length of the dress is often chosen depending on the specific purpose of buying clothes, but what about a casual model that should be suitable for anything?  Our designers believe in this case, less attention is paid to the length and is not emphasized on it, so that a woman can simply choose the style in which she wants to be.  However, the long and short options are different, so we will analyze each type separately.

 A short dress is an opportunity to show female happiness, appropriate weakness and gain attention.  Such dresses are more suitable for holiday and entertainment, spending time in good company, summer walks with ice cream and evening gatherings in the park with coffee.  You can favorably emphasize the dignity of the body and focus on the legs, making them slimmer and longer.

 Shortened models affect the perception of Height and allow you to show femininity, get closer to natural beauty and fully reveal the girl's freedom-loving nature.  Considering such dresses as defiant is the last century, because now mini options show not the girl's frivolity, but her desire to be light, pleasant to talk to, beautiful and stunning in the best sense of the word.

 Short casual dresses are suitable if you:

 Want to be the center of attention.  Because you will definitely not be able to remain unnoticed in a short dress.  People around you will pay attention to a slim figure, long legs and the aura of the consesdions of your youth and beauty;

 Have curving body and wants remove the accent from your hips by moving it higher to your shoulders.  This is a great option for girls who want to surprise with their style, but are afraid to seem too frank;

You are not used to using a large number of jewelry, which, unfortunately, burden the image of lightness with their weight.  It is appropriate to use modest beads or necklaces in the neckline with short models.  Bracelets, earrings and rings are also allowed, but not all at the same time!

 Long casual dresses are fundamentally different from their short versions in the ability to emphasize femininity, confidence and willpower.  Maxi options are ideal for those with a stunning figure and those who want to draw attention to themselves.  Such a dress looks great at work, while relaxing in a cultural place or in the company of close friends with a glass of champagne.  At home, such dresses are worn less often, but it all depends on the specific style, because options with a free bottom continue to gain popularity.

 A long dress makes a woman's slim, graceful and immediately indicates all the advantages of the figure.  The best of all such models look on tall girls, but there are recommendations for body types:

 If you are a happy owner of an hourglass, it's time to think about a tight-fitting dress that will further emphasize your figure;

 Pleasant fullness is ideally complemented by looser models, which have a slightly fitted body;

 The flowing bottom of the model, together with puffy sleeves, will come in handy for a pear-shaped figure with wide hips;

 The A-shaped cut will visually reduce the shoulders and make the girl fragile, but graceful and elegant ruler of any evening;

 If you want to focus on the waist, you can consider options with contrasting colors or purchase an additional belt.

 It is better to combine a long dress with flat shoes to emphasize the natural beauty and create the charm of something mysterious and real. In the case of use for a party, you can also consider options with shoes or sandals with heels.

 Fall and spring models with insulation look good with cardigans and jackets that have been intentionally shortened.  A bulky bag in this case is not our option, it is better to give preference to a small clutch.  Our designers have paid special attention to creating a unique framing component of each model, so that you can feel ten points out of ten even when you go to the store.

 Casual Dress Trends

 In the 2021-2022 season, there is an special note: a woman should be comfortable, a woman should feel comfortable.  This is what our designers wish, creating new models and thinking over a unique style, aesthetics and selecting materials.

 Knitwear made from a cozy and warm fabric is very popular, which will allow you to spend spring and autumn days outdoors eith comfort.  The fabric that is most pleasant to the body is selected and combined with accessories and ornaments.  Now you can emphasize the modesty and elegance of a girl who can afford to be the center of attention even without using bright colors or cutouts.  The most popular length is middle or knee length.

 A good option for those who like to make a splash without even doing anything is shirt dresses.  The real trend of 2022, which come from the desire to balance the mysterious appearance with workwear and business style.  A great advantage is that such models of casual dresses are suitable for women with any figure, so now you can choose a new version for yourself for the spring.

 A more elegant option is a trench coat or vest dress with a belt that emphasizes the waist.  This image creates the appearance of weightlessness, simplicity and subtlety of taste.  A high stiletto heel will further accentuate long legs, while a small clutch or belt bag will show your desire to move forward and experiment.

 Another popular option is eco-style.  Now people are moving towards promoting nature and living in harmony, which means that the use of environmentally friendly materials and looks is welcomed on the world fashion scene.  Natural and breathable materials, decoration with fashionable flounces and draperies, a small return to the style of the 50-60s of the last century.  All this is suitable for eco-style.

 An important element of New Year's fashion is to show your own courage, independence and ability to make decisions.  A woman is, first of all, a person, and only then a figure.  Designers around the world pay much attention to extraordinary models with predatory and even slightly aggressive prints.  At the same time, attention is minimal on additional decor and jewelry, which means that you do not need to spend on purchasing new chains, necklaces, jewelry.

 If we consider the trend in terms of color, most popular pure and transparent shades that are not burdened with complex impurities.  Using white, orange-scarlet, silver-gray, chocolate and other shades.  As we said earlier, ladies' casual dresses should no longer attract attention just by being eccentric.  The designers also considered their salt in modesty, simplicity, lightness and aesthetics of comfort and convenience.

 As an option, you can consider oversized models that will appeal to owners of curvy forms or in spite, fragile ladies.  Such models look great in cold seasons or during bad weather.  They are lightweight, stylish, evolve in the wind and can be easily combined with literally any accessory.

 We invite you to take a look at the catalog of casual women's dresses in the Ivory and Kate online store right now!  We will be happy to advise you with a variety and help you to choose the ideal model exactly according to your wishes.  We fully support the trends of lightness, independence, warmth and comfort, and so we are sure that you can choose the right dress in our on line store today!