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Champagne Bridesmaid Flutter Sleeve Wrap Maxi Dress

Silk Airy dress for the most feminine look.This dress has and airy skirt and is made of the light soft silk/satin blend material that has a silk texture.Flutter Sleeve Wrap Maxi DesignThis design is a great choice for warm season events or photoshoot..

$151.99 $187.00


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Champagne Spaghetti Straps Sleeveless Draped Cleavage Bodycon Dress

♥ This dress is made in bodycon style. It has a draped cleavage with spaghetti straps and open back. It is great to wear for summer events as an evening and bridesmaid dress. The draping puts the accent on the breast and creates a high waistline. A s..

$164.99 $202.00


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Champagne Summer Ruffle Skirt Romantic Belle Dress

Silk Airy dress for the most feminine look.This dress has and an airy skirt and is made of the light soft silk/satin blend material that has a silk texture. Flutter Sleeve Wrap Maxi DesignThis design is a great choice for warm season events or p..

$151.99 $189.00


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Cream Summer Ruffle Skirt Romantic Belle Dress

Silk Airy dress for the most feminine look.This dress has and an airy skirt and is made of the light soft silk/satin blend material that has a silk texture. Flutter Sleeve Wrap Maxi DesignThis design is a great choice for warm season events or p..

$151.99 $189.00


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Dark Cappuccino V-Neck Deep Back A-line Velvet Dress with Sheer Mesh Insertion

♥ This long sleeve dress made in fit and flare style. It is great to wear for summer events as an evening and bridesmaid dress.Long skirt style with V neck and V back cut with sheer mesh insertion. Comfy and elegant long sleeves. The velvet fabr..

$169.99 $209.00


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Dark Cappuccino Spaghetti Strap Velvet Wrap Bridesmaid Dress

Flare Sleeveless Velvet Dress you were looking for.Our most loved Wrap cut in the new delicate design. Spaghetti Straps combined with open shoulders and V-neck cleavage.The waistbelt is settled in a little bow at the back. The Wrap design is versatil..

$167.99 $209.99

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Bridesmaid Dresses by Ivory & Kate

 A wedding ceremony and a banquet is a special day in the life of any woman.  It is also special and joyful for bridesmaids who are sincerely happy for the happiness of the newlyweds and are ready to support them on their way to a new life.  At the celebration, everything is quite simple: you need to be joyful, say a few beautiful words and have fun.

 A little more problems can be in preparation for an event, when everyone needs to choose dresses and adapt to the style of the wedding. Everyone like to be spectacular and beautiful in photographs, but you cannot overshadow the bride in any way: this is a very bad tone.  Our designers have collected recommendations and ideas on variation of dresses you can choose for bridesmaids and how to combine them with each other in order to complement her look together and delight those present with a stunning appearance.

 Why Ivory & Kate Bridesmaid Dresses Are Unique

 Bridesmaids'of the brides are the second most important women at a wedding, which means they should look the same.  Their main mission is to support their girlfriend on the way to new heights after entering into an official marriage, so you need to choose an appropriate look.  Each of them has unique dresses in their wardrobe that are perfect for the evening, but they cannot be worn.  All the same, the bride should remain the main one and stand out clearly in the photographs.

 There are several stable traditions developed, which shouldn't be broken.  The first one is about the colors of the dresses.  Often, use white shades is an impermissible luxury, because only the bride is given a noble glow.  It is she who must show her purity, femininity, fragility and readiness to go forward this day.  For girlfriends, more modest colors remain, but no less beautiful.

Usually, the bride is in charge of creating the dress code together with the wedding event organizers who are hired to facilitate the preparation process.  There are several problems here, because it is quite expensive to sew a dress in the same style and color for each girl.  It is not very nice to cope with the dresses by the girlfriends, but it is possible by agreement.  And of course buying dresses themselves is very expensive on the budget.

 In our online store Ivory and Kate, we offer you a unique opportunity to create looks for each girlfriend and at the same time do not exactly step over the dedicated budget line.  Thanks to our experience in creating festive and wedding dresses, we will easily select the best option in terms of material and style.  We recommend to contact our consultants by phone number as early as possible, so that you have a lot of time beforehand for sewing and creating a specialized look.

 The dresses of our designers are distinguished by several main changes:

 First of all, we think about the comfort of a woman, and therefore we create only those models that will be comfortable and free.  The girl will have fun all evening and night, have dinner, talk with people and dance, which means that the clothes should be pleasant to the body and not constraining.  Otherwise, any holiday will turn into a real torture, on our opinion.

 While creating wedding dresses for bridesmaids, we carefully examine all the features of girls.  We understand very well that every woman has her own unique figure and silhouette, which means that her dress should be personal.  Short or long, lush or capacious: in any case, we will select options in the same style and find a way out of the situation;

 Although we care about the comfort of the girls, we do not forget about their appearance, and we use exclusively high-quality materials and fabrics.  We love to test our models in live situations in order to guarantee every girl in the future that even because of the brightest and most energetic dance, the outfit will not tear, and an accidental stain can be easily washed without special detergents

 Our feature is the preparation of full-cycle wedding dresses, as well as full design support for our clients throughout the entire order.  We are ready to give you a lot of attention and help you with the choice, as well as dress up a large group of daughters-in-law, exactly what you want.  In any case, we recommend you to contact us as soon as possible in order to discuss all your wishes together and create a unique image that will be remembered by every girl and daughter-in-law herself for life.

 Short or long bridesmaid dress.  What to choose?

 The length of the girlfriends dress depends on the thematic concept of the wedding itself.  If the bride wanted to create one style for everyone, which at the same time will emphasize her, then you need to choose the length carefully.  The fact is that long dresses are more suitable for tall girls, and short for lower ones.

 You are lucky if all friends who you invited have approximately the same parameters, but otherwise, welcome to improvisation and unusual design solutions.  As an option, we advise to take outfits of different lengths specifically for each girlfriend, but at the same time make them from the same material and do not chang the style much.

 In this case, the advantages are:

 The ability to choose the length of the dress for each girl personally, which significantly increases their chances of a charming look;

 You can create original images with clothes of different lengths, which allow you not to be repeated in accessories and use unique decorative elements.

 There are also a lot of disadvantages to this method of choosing dresses.  The most significant is that different lengths of dresses look clumsy if you take a photo with all the girlfriends at once.  In this case, it is recommended to reconsider the style and create a universal version for everyone.  In addition, the problem may lie in stand out of the girl against the background of the rest of the bridesmaids or the bride.  In this case, it is most appropriate to use the services of a design studio or the Ivory and Kate online store to get the most appropriate option for someone else's wedding.

 It is important not to forget that, first of all, the wishes and desires of the daughter-in-law herself are taken into account.  Even if this option spoils your mood a little: you could turn to the help of accessories and shoes.  They will distinguish your look from others in an original way, but at the same time remain within the framework of the wedding concept.

 There are also guidelines for creating and choosing bridesmaid dresses:

 The most interesting option is to create your own mini-collection of clothes, choosing from which girls will pick up things for themselves;

 If you buy smart clothes for everyone, then you are guessing exactly with the appearance and style of the wedding itself.  Such outfits look aesthetically pleasing, do not stand out from the general mass, but still remain attractive;

 Every bride in a plain dress is a great background for a daughter-in-law, no matter how it sounds.  On your own, you can not only strengthen friendship and improve relationships, but also forever remain in the memory of loved ones in photographs.

 At modern wedding events, the same bridesmaid dresses look expensive, elite and spectacular.  This make good impression on all presented guests.

 At the same time, our designers do not force you to make this choice.  As there are significant disadvantages, not to tell about which it would be wrong on our part.  The same clothes are expensive and the daughter-in-law will most likely have to pay for an additional 3-4 outfits, which could cost a pretty penny.

 It is necessary to contact consultants and start to choose dresses in advance, so that in the future there will be no situation in which suitable model for the particular figure is not currently in stock, which will force you to wait or take already made dress.  Sometimes they consider the option of renting a dress, but in this case, you will still have to pay a certain amount, but it will not work to sew the outfit, which will result not the best girl's look.

 The biggest challenge in purchasing the same bridesmaid dresses is the need to choose a style that will suit both full and slim girls alike.  In this case, we strongly recommend you to contact our designers. Only they will be able to find an approach to each girl and offer a real solution to the problem even on remote distance.

 If you are fortunate enough to be friends with only girls with the same figure, then you don't have to worry so much.  It is enough to find one suitable style and order a set for each party participant.  The most important step here is to consult with your daughter-in-law in time.  It is likely that you will not get into the style or simply become brighter than the bride herself.  All the same, it is the future wife who should shine this evening, and you just be a pleasant and relatively independent addition to the stunning image.

 A very popular option in 2021, which we fully support, is the creation of the “Ombre” effect, which allows you to sew the same dresses, but with different patterns.  The advantage is the ability to choose a pattern for a specific person and leaving it unique, but not too prominent.  You also need to remind the designer that you need to use one material for creating wedding models and not go too far with the choice of colors.  Otherwise, each dress will look too separate.

 What makes your bridesmaid dress unique and unrepeatable

 There are many ways to create a fairy tale during a wedding ceremony.  One such method seems obvious, just choosing the same dresses.  Here are some ideas for making bridesmaid dresses unique and highlighting the main girl of the evening.

 One fabric

 An interesting option that lovers want to arrange a performance at a wedding.  Dresses made of one fabric can become a real decoration of the celebration and the bride herself, who, in her turn, can decorate the hall to match the chosen material.  Thereby, experienced designers draw a line of material through the entire history of a particular ceremony.

 You can create an airy story from silk or from velvet, which seems to wrap around others and immerse you in its own atmosphere.  Here, a big advantage is the ability to save budget, if necessary.  Just choose the material cheaper and furnish all the decorations in the room to make your story look relevant and attractive.

 Printed Dresses

 A fairly new trend for 2020-2022 that came from North America.  Printed dresses look interesting and can be decorated in different ways.  The biggest advantage is the ability to create a unique print that will look original on a dress of any style.

 A good option for creative people who want to decorate wedding dresses with their own hands and create original looks.  The main thing is to use the capabilities of graphic editors correctly not to overdo it with the brightness of the print and not knock it out of the overall picture of the celebration.  An experienced designer from Ivory and Kate will help you with this.

 Different cut with one color

 An incredible idea for girls who want to create a holiday in the same style, but give each girlfriend the opportunity to remain unique and recognizable in photographs.  The fact is that experiments with style are the most successful as usually.  In this case, do not withdrow out of the general concept, you can adjust the models for certain figure features for each girl, which look much better.

 The advantage lies in the ability to create harmony between the bride's dress and the girls' outfits.  At the same time, the bridesmaids will not be offended, because they will be able to choose a suitable style for themselves personally and become a small star of the evening, which will skillfully protect the big sun, in the person of the bride herself.  With a suitable cut, it is easy to hide flaws and reveal the potential of every woman's figure.

 The only drawback is the need to sew such a dress due to the lack of the desired color in the wardrobe.  But, in our opinion, the bride will value the option of creating individual images for her bridesmaids in any case.  Therefore, the budget will not suffer much, and the impression of the appearance of the bridesmaids will be on a completely different level.

 Shiny Dresses

 Not a bad option for a specific wedding concept, when brilliance prevails on the main stage, the atmosphere of an elite evening and a socialite ball.  In this case, guests dress up appropriately and look atmospheric and expensive.  The big advantage is that there are a lot of shiny dresses and it is not necessary to wear the same model.

 The variety of materials also provides additional choices.  There are options in lurex, lamé or even evening gowns with glittery threads that will be artfully woven into your dress.


 An excellent and fairly budget option for girlfriends who want to create an original look for themselves with the most advantageous style, but do not want to stand out too much.  In this case, outfits are often sewn from elastic oil, which drapes perfectly and folds neat without any problems.  The neckline, shoulders and back can be easily adjusted even during the celebration, if something does not go according to plan.

 Same accessories and shoes

 A unique option for the basis of the image will be shoes and jewelry, and not the dress itself.  In this case, it is best to choose classic outfits in one color, but of different lengths, to match the height of each individual girl.  At the same time, outerwear is canceled, but a bright color, on the contrary, is welcomed.  Photos from the back look spectacular when the bright red shoes of each bridesmaid and the delicate white hem of the bride are perfectly visible.

 We invite you to look into our catalog right now and start choosing the perfect option for your girlfriend's wedding.  Be sure to inform her about the choice of our store and offer to order dresses for everyone at once.  You will be able to get unique terms of cooperation, and receive an order on time with the embodiment  of all your ideas.  The best designer dresses, focusing on the convenience and comfort of the girl, as well as only high-quality materials – Ivory & Kate.