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Emerald Green A-line Floating Sleeves Prom Maxi Dress

Wrap Velvet Dress made to fit your unique body.The cutout sleeves feature the simple Maxi design with elegant touch.The velvet fabric has very soft and pleasant texture with the satin glow. It creates the feeling of luxury and the right mood for cele..

$161.99 $193.99


Gold Long Sleeve Pencil Velvet Maxi Dress with Train

Velvet dress made to underline all the curves of your body.Every dress is made to order and can be customized by your measures to fit just right. The velvet fabric has very soft and pleasant texture with the satin glow.The bodycon style fits like a g..

$165.99 $195.99


Marsala Long Sleeve Pencil Velvet Maxi Dress with Train

Velvet dress made to underline all the curves of your body.Every dress is made to order and can be customized by your measures to fit just right. The velvet fabric has very soft and pleasant texture with the satin glow.The bodycon style fits like a g..

$165.99 $195.99


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Marsala off the Shoulder Tight Sexy Velvet Dress

Velvet Dress made to fit your unique body.Every dress is made to order and can be customized by your measures to fit just right.The velvet fabric has very soft and pleasant texture with the satin glow. It creates the feeling of luxury and the right m..

$167.99 $199.00


Navy Blue A-line Floating Sleeves Prom Maxi Dress

Wrap Velvet Dress made to fit your unique body.The cutout sleeves feature the simple Maxi design with elegant touch.The velvet fabric has very soft and pleasant texture with the satin glow. It creates the feeling of luxury and the right mood for cele..

$161.99 $193.99

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Prom Dresses Store by Ivory & Kate 

 Graduation day for every girl is a special day on which you want to look your best, show your friends and acquaintances yourself in the best possible light and leave a pleasant impression for the rest of your life.  The big challenge is choosing a prom dress that is both comfortable, beautiful and appropriate for an important event.  Fashion designers recommend starting to choose an outfit a few months before the celebration in order to have time to try different models and slowly choose the perfect option.

 The designers of the Ivory & Kate online store believe and prove that even the most stunning prom dress can be comfortable, light and elegant.  We adhere to strict rules for choosing high-quality materials and create not just an outfit for one festive evening, but a happy memory for the rest of a girl's life.

 Long or short prom dress.  What to choose?

 World-class fashion designers answer this question: first of all, a prom dress should show the best personality of a girl.  This means that initially the length is not the main significent, based on which you need to make a decision.  The chosen model should match your mood, taste and the look you want to create.

 The main thing is to remember a few simple rules and recommendations that always remain relevant:

 It is better not to wear very short options, because when you leave the last impression of yourself, you shouldn't resort to vulgarity or excessive eccentricity;

 A deep neckline can become your partner only if you have a truly magnificent figure, which will only be emphasized by the dress;

 The main star of the evening is you, which means it is better not to focus on jewelry. That will take away your attention and, most likely, won't have the desired effect because of the dress itself.

 It is better to choose the maxi and middle versions, the maximum is slightly above the knees.  The style of the dress can be almost any, so there are a lot of options in any case.  Our designers tried to create each model relying not only on your desire to make a lasting impression, but also on the comfort during wearing.  For example, if you want the option with an open back, then the ties at the edges will be as soft and pleasant to the body as possible, so not to leave ugly marks and to prevent constraint while walking.

 There is also an additional recommendation for short girls who want to use prom models with a maximum floor length.  Would such a dress fit?  It all depends on the shoes you choose.  High stilettos or heels will look the best.

 Alternatively, you can pay attention to a dress with an open back and a tightly closed front.  In this case, you can favorably emphasize fragility and tenderness, while remaining confident and independent.  At the same time, the cut should not be too deep:once again, we leave vulgarity in the past, and put kindness, lightness, and the magic of your nature in the foreground.

 A good choice is a medium-length cocktail dress with additional decoration at the waist, which will lengthen the figure of a short girl and make her more slimmer.  The top may have thin straps aligned with a pleated hem to maximize the “WOW” effect.  In our online store you can find suitable options for any height, so we will be happy to help with the choice through the feedback form or by phone.

 For tall girls, especially those with broad shoulders, we recommend looking at evening-type models with asymmetrical details that will help to visually decrease and translate accents.  One of the sleeves can be much longer, and the hem can be distinguished by a bright skew.

 The height will allow the girl to use the main advantage: you can choose both a long and a high dress.  This is due to the fact that they can equally fit a tall body type.  A special look can be created with both a short dress and a maxi version.  A great option is a classic evening dress with additional embellishments on the wrists.

 Universal option prom dresses

 The ideal option for the prom is two dresses at once, which would perfectly complement each other and make you feel freer.  The long prom option is perfect for the ceremonial part of the event.  In such a graduation dress, you will get excellent photos with classmates, the presentation of a diploma or certificate and all the official celebration.

 Most often, thenafter, the holiday continues already at a party in a restaurant or club, where you can change into a short dress.  The middle or mini version is perfect for dancing, a fun pastime and a long event.  But not all girls are ready to spend extra time choosing and changing clothes, so “double options” are still not as common as we would like.

 7 popular prom dresse styles in 2021

 A distinctive feature of 2021 pays more attention to the comfort of a girl and literally a worship of femininity and natural beauty.  The Greek style prevails among world designers, because other methods cannot achieve the same level of lightness, sexuality and tenderness.  These are romantic outfits that not only help to emphasize slimness, but also help to hide extra centimeters at the waist or sides.  Ideal for a girl for any gala evening.

 New Look prom dresses are gaining popularity, featuring an artfully balanced note of fairytale that blends perfectly with femininity.  At the same time, in the models of the new style, one can see luxury, the spirit of the old times and a certain similarity with classic princess dresses.  There are slight restrictions on height, as such clothes look best on taller girls.  But you could choose it combining with heels.

 The classic of prom dresses is a short and fluffy dress that emphasizes slender legs, visually makes them more beautiful and creates the look of a young, confident girl.  It goes well with a figure without bright proportions, when everything is even.  A high waist is rarely created, which also needs to be taken into account.

 As for us, we will pay special attention to a dress with an open back, which is not suitable for everyone, but for those lucky ones it will give an indescribable feeling.  This option will be perfect for you if you want to show your figure to everyone and are proud of the way you look.  Be sure to get ready for the attention from others, because compliments and admiring glances will haunt you throughout the whole prom.  Even the most modest girls, putting on a dress with an open back, instantly change their impression of themselves.  We definitely recommend that girls need to have this option in their wardrobe, just in case.

 Naked shoulders are a key trend that goes on pair with natural beauty.  They are used in the largest possible number of hypostases, which allows the girl to experiment and makes it possible to independently choose the style of the outfit.  Most often, bare shoulders are accompanied by elegant styles of evening or cocktail dresses.  Such outfits create an unexpected effect of a fairy tale, tenderness and modesty:

 You can create a truly romantic look if you use a floor-length dress or a middle version with sleeves.  They must be transparent and practically do not cover the shoulders;

 Another interesting option is a wide V-neck, which will be accompanied by thin straps: they can be lowered.  This is an amazing beauty that combines not only the shoulders, but also the neckline;

 Short or long dropped sleeves go well with straight boat necklines.

 Shiny dresses are a topic of endless debate between women.  Some consider such models to be graceful, expressive and bright, while others reject the idea of wearing such a dress at prom event.  Our designers are of the opinion that such dresses can suit a girl if you combine the right accessories and be ready to be in the spotlight.  The main rule for us and for you is to choose dresses only from the highest quality materials.  Otherwise, shiny models look vulgar.

 There is a great option for girls who want to wear two dresses in one evening and differentiate them between themselves.  A classic-style beige lace dress is a great option for those who want a little romance, warmth, coziness and freedom.  The advantage is that such models are available in all sizes, which means they are suitable for any height.  This prom dress can be used for other special occasions and evenings.

 How to choose the right prom dress

 Our designers recommend that girls concentrate on building a balance between the beauty of the dress and the comfort of walking in it.  Everyone strikes to be the most beautiful, but because of the desire to stand out and put on something original, you can easily miss and feel stiffness or discomfort all evening. In this case, even a hundred compliments from others will not save the graduation ceremony.

 It must be noticed that such events are often accompanied not only by a ceremonial part, but also walks, dinner in a restaurant, dancing and fun.  It is easy to spoil the holiday with uncomfortable clothes, but the mood can be improved if you devote more time to choosing a prom dress.  It is better to give preference to convenient models, which at the same time may also have their own flavor.

 A good option for those who want to make a splash, but understand that they cannot sit in it for more than a few hours – two dresses.  In the eccentric and creative, you can hold the formal part with the presentation of documents and a photographer.  And at the party, already change into something more convenient and comfortable in order to confidently spend the rest of the time with your loved ones.

 All the same, in 2021-2022, a fashion for practicality and comfort appeared and is rapidly growing.  First of all, a girl should feel comfort, because she is beautiful even without a fabulous dress.  Bulky models with a complex cut are gradually becoming irrelevant.  A good option is flowing fabrics, which will make the model original, light and comfortable.

 If we talk about trending colors, then you need to say right away that color is very important.  Even dresses in the same style, but in different shades, can radically differs in the visual representation of the girl.  Graduates around the world pay less attention to shiny fabrics, and more focus on pastel colors, rich blue, orange or even exquisite burgundy.  There are small restrictions for wearing black and white, but you need to approach the issue carefully and in a hurry so as not to allow any associations with mourning flowers.  Be sure to choose a color and shade to take into account the hair and skin tone, as well as natural data and future makeup.

 Since complex styles are gradually fading into the background, and you want to stand out, it is worth choosing suitable interesting details. You can achieve a unique balance of creativity, enchanting appearance and natural beauty with them.  You can consider the option of a tower, add lace or trim the hem with pleating.  A deep cut on the back will additionally help to emphasize femininity, beauty and body.

 For those who want to look provocative and specifically attract the maximum attention, a deep neckline is always a variant.  It should be combined with laconic styles and the most restrained colors so as not to overdo it and move away from vulgarity.  Such models are not suitable for everyone, but in the case of a successful combination, you can skillfully emphasize all the advantages of the figure, literally blow up the hall of your classmates and create a fabulous image.  Let's make a reservation right away that lush breasts in this case will not allow creating the desired effect, so its owners should consider alternative options.

 High school and university prom dresses

 During the life of a girl, most often there are 3 major proms, each of which is unique and special in its own way.  This is a long-awaited day that shows the line between the experienced past and the bright future.  Everyone wants to look like a princess on this day, attract the attention of others and feel 100%.  It is important to take into account not only appearance, height and figure, but also a specific event so that the prom dress is definitely suitable.  We will talk about this further.

 High school

 The most solemn and exciting graduation, because it is the first one.  At this point, some of your classmates will stop studying with a girl, which means this may be the last time you can impress people close to you. Ones should have in mind that it is not necessary to choose a dress to the floor and you can limit yourself to a more relaxed option:

 Most often girls choose middle or short models that emphasize youth and beauty;

 Extreme mini outfits are often considered bad manner as are overt cutouts that can create associative absurdity;

 A good option for all occasions – a fitted dress in a delicate shade with a fluffy skirt;

 A bustier is a win-win option for girls who have a slender figure and want to further emphasize it.

 Old school

 The long-awaited and important day for high school girls actually begins several months before the start of the celebration.  Choose a dress for prom and not agreeing to concessions and half measures.  On this day, schoolchildren enter adulthood and want to meet it with dignity in order to successfully spend it.  I would like an enchanting event and a lot of pleasant attention.

 In this case, floor-length dresses with unique accents on the individual dignity of the figure of each girl are perfect.  Particular attention is paid to high school girls around the world to models with lace trim or embroidery.  Draperies of skirts of maximum length, as well as a moderate neckline and hilowered sleeves, look appropriate.

 Alternatively, you can take a closer look at short prom dresses, which are also in our online store.  This is an interesting way that will allow you to significantly stand out against the background of your classmates and create an incredible effect of youth, beauty and femininity.  The main thing is to focus on the stunning look and bring it to life.


 One of the most important events at the university is graduation, when a girl stops being a student and becomes a young successful woman.  Now you know what you want from life and how to achieve it, which means you need to show it to others.  Your dress should reflect your formed goals and views, plans and ambitions.

 The best solution is a sophisticated floor-length model that allows you to show the features of your figure and reflect your mood favorably.  If difficulties come during the choice, then you can stop at a more democratic version with a short dress.  Nowadays, such models with translucent skirts are popular, which are not only practical, but also look good in any situation.

 We invite you to look around in our catalog of prom dresses now and choose the most suitable options for your figure, height and age.  Our consultants and designers will be happy to help you with your choice and will be able to give you important advise