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Junior dress

A dress is a breath of fresh air in any woman's wardrobe. A wedding dress allows you to feel feminine and blooming: a real pleasure for the body in spring or summer to go outside and feel nature with every inch of your skin. Special happiness in this for girls who feel like princesses and love everything beautiful and bright.

A special category of dresses is junior, in which young girls perform at competitions, dance sports dances and compete for the championship. Judges' assessments and the general impression often depend on the enchanting outfit, so you need to choose clothes very carefully. The designers of the Ivory and Kate online store have collected a large number of opinions on this matter and are ready to share with you helpful information about junior dresses while you could browse the catalog with the best models for girls.

Junior dresses for girls

To find a suitable dress for a girl who performs or just goes in for ballroom dancing is quite difficult. The fact is that such dresses are called rating dresses and they are radically different from standard outfits and even the same dresses. There are many official restrictions in many countries:

● rhinestones, various stones or lace inserts cannot be used as an additional decoration;

● the outfit should be without guipure or shiny elements;

● See-through fabric is prohibited for performances.

Such rules are limited by the fact that the judges should evaluate first of all the dances, and then the appearance, the ability to stay on stage and use their clothes profitably. Some people are against such rules, since they believe that the dress also plays an important role in the performance and girls cannot be judged without them. Others, on the opposite, are in favor of these recommendations, since they want equal evaluate even if they do not have the budget for a beautiful designer outfit.

But even in such a situation, our experienced designers and seamstresses are ready to help you create a unique look that will definitely win the jury and the audience. The fact is that all the restrictions presented above do not really tie the hands of real professionals. We know how to create an individual image and emphasize all the advantages of the girl's figure, while hiding any flaws. All thanks to the use of exclusively high quality fabrics and the ability to combine styles, finding the best solutions.

At the same time, it is very important first of all, when choosing a junior dress for , to focus not on creating a great impression, but on the comfort of the youngest girl. Our motto: beauty should not require sacrifice, because clothes should be comfortable. Agree that even the most interesting and mesmerizing dress will not cost anything if during the performance the girl accidentally falls or breaks the fabric due to the designer's oversight.

How to find the perfect dress for your junior girl

The first step is to create a unique image, but not forgetting about the standard rules for choosing a color:

● Avoid flesh or brown tones as much as possible because most performances take place on parquet or wood flooring. In this case, such colors can mix with the floor and prevent the judges and spectators from enjoying the dance, with fast movements in this case there will also be a problem: it is too difficult to catch them in the same color;

● black do not use often, but there are exceptions when the participant wants to create an element of the mystery and if the performance fits the theme of the fairy tale. Usually the fact that the black is associated with mourning and it is quite difficult to create a bright image based on it;

● The brightest colors are also recommended to be used with caution, since it is very easy to overdo it and create a situation when the artist herself is eclipsed against the background of red or green. It is best to know the measure in everything and focus on girl's look .

The most successful choice actually depends on that the standard colors are great for young girls. Blue, yellow, orange and blue are great combinations that do not prevent the audience from watching, judges to evaluate, and the dancer to perform the number.

At the same time, the question immediately arises of how exactly to find the most suitable color for a girl's dress. The first step is to take into account is the theme of the performance, so that the sad story does not destroyed by a bright red dress, and the cheerful number does not turn into sadness because of the dark blue. You also need to consider the figure:

● red is best suits for brunettes, for whom it is possible to emphasize their appearance with a bright color. At the same time, do not forget about the original decor, so as not to receive lower ratings due to the banality in the choice of color;

● blue is perfect for almost all young girls, so it is a win-win option, but at the same time it is very easy to meet a girl with the same dress at the competition. In this case, you need to focus on hair color: dark shades help hide a little excess weight oraflaws of the figure, and a light shade add childish charm and fragility;

● if the girl is very thin, then our designers recommend taking a closer look at the orange and yellow shades, because they will help hide excessive thinness. A little volume, texture and, of course, attractiveness will be added. At the same time, young girls with a magnificent figure often avoid these colors, which, on the contrary, will add a few extra pounds.

Be sure to keep in mind that any light shades will more strongly reflect the protruding sweat. If the performance is too long, it is better to use darker shades.

What fabric are the best children's dresses from?

The designers of the Ivory and Kate online store pay special attention to the selection and combination of fabrics in order to create truly unique styles and at the same time not be inferior in comfort even to home clothes. Each dress is sewn only after a large number of tests, each of which is needed to understand whether a girl can dance freely in such a dress. Many fabrics can start chafing after 15 minutes, which feels terrible, especially if this is not a workout and cannot be stopped.

At the same time, the fabric should not be too dense, because an increase of even a couple of millimeters can lead to excessive sweating and increase the temperature in the suit. Most modern dances are dynamic, funny and bright, which means there are many sudden movements, transitions, drops, each of which gradually drives the girl into the heat. That is why we choose extremely breathable materials that easily allow maximum air to pass through and release heat outside.

The fabric should also be pleasant to the touch so that the junior does not feel constrained and does not pay unnecessary attention to scuffs. In this, a certain balance must be reached, because a dress that is too light or translucent is not an option for a professional. The most experienced trainers can determine by eye the correct texture and color of a dress for a girl, therefore, artists often listen to them. Our consultants can also help you decide, so contact us in any way convenient for you as soon as possible.

How to choose a baby dress for every day

Girls often wear dresses for walks, have fun with friends, run and play. That is why you need to approach sewing with all these categories in your head, so that it does not become clear that you cannot wash the outfit later. It's important to follow 4 simple tips from parents and designers:

● choose the most comfortable style. Buttons, hooks or elastic bands should not rub anywhere, tighten tightly, or even more so pinch children's skin. Most often, such shortcomings can be found in budget dresses that are sewn in mass production;

● it is best to choose a shade that is not too bright, so that a young girl does not start to feel insecure due to excessive attention. Lime, lemon or strawberry color is a great choice for a young lady;

● a third of the materials must be natural, and the tailoring must be of high quality, otherwise the dress will simply fall down after a short time. Check with our consultants about your requirements so that we can offer you the ideal options;

● a dress for every day should be resistant to washing and mechanical damage. The child may fall or stain the clothes, so it is important to make them strong enough.

The most important point: consider your child's wishes. If a girl wants a certain color, then no problem provide her with such a dress. It is from such consed that a healthy relationship between parents and children is formed.

We suggest looking at our catalog of children's and junior dresses right now. You are sure to find something perfect for you in our wide range of products. Our consultants by phone number or via chat are ready to offer you the best options right away. We do not just sew beautiful dresses, we create comfortable and stylish clothes that you and your children will definitely like.