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Dark Teal Bridesmaid Velvet Lace sleeves Maxi Gown

Long Velvet Wrap dress made to fit your body and your character.Every dress is made to order and can be customized by your measures to fit just right. This dress is made with long tight sleeves to make your arms look elegant. The top design feat..

$174.99 $215.00


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Marsala Knee Length Velvet Dress with Lace Breast and Sleeves

Velvet Dress made to fit your unique body.Every dress is made to order and can be customized by your measures to fit just right.The velvet fabric has very soft and pleasant texture with the satin glow. It creates the feeling of luxury and the right m..

$163.99 $199.99


Mesh Maxi Lace Dress with Train

Gorgeous Sheer Lace dress to make your beauty shine.Available in two lace colors white and black. The underlayer of the dress is made of soft fabric on nude color.Every dress detail is designed to attract attention with the long train skirt and a hig..

$189.99 $229.99

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Lace Wedding Dress by Ivory and Kate


 Lace is an opportunity to show femininity, elegance, luxury and consistency for a girl as a person.  For a long time, this decorative element was present only on underwear, but times are changing and now lace dresses can be safely called the trend of 2021-2022.  Back to the last year summer,world's fashion houses began mass production of new models, which were sold out in the first minutes because of originality and uniqueness of their style.


 Now a lace dress from Ivory & Kate is a popular outfit not only at a wedding, but also at a social party or an important event.  Once again, our designers don't forget about the convenience and comfort of a woman, so each model is presented in a different size grid and made exclusively from high-quality materials.  We think of a dress as an integral part of any girl, which means that it should be comfortable to walk in, regardless of the circumstances.


 Lace wedding dress with sleeves


 A wedding dress with lace is a guarantee of creating a fabulous image and a memorable look, which will accurately seen closely to everyone around and will make you the highlight of the celebration.  The bride receive an extra 10 romance points by using delicate, thin and fragile clothes made by our designers and seamstresses.  A great advantage is in the elements of sexuality, mystery, the ability to live in step with the times.


 Lace has always been used to create the most delicate and elegant elements of clothing, so such a wedding dress will not only shock the guests, but also allow it to take all the attention of those who come to itselves.  We were able to create surprisingly light and airy dresses that ewake sincere emotions, especially on a bright holiday.  At the same time, the material allows us to open the back without any problems, create additional decorative elements on the hips or waist, create the illusion of nakedness and modesty at the same time.


 Now such a dress is a really good option, which also compare with its relatively low cost.  The emphasis here is on the bride, and the dress only complements her natural beauty.  This allows us to confidently create new models and complement old ones.  Each girl in a lace dress will feel like a princess and will definitely fall into a romantic fairy tale.


 Models with lace sleeves look especially original, which allows you to visually increase the girl's height and stretch the figure, while not adding unnecessary bulkiness.  Here it is important to carefully select the items of clothing, depending on the location of the openwork fabric.  For example, a short dress with a fluffy skirt will allow you to create an image of infantilism, love, ardor.  Such image look very beautiful on slender girls who regularly pay attention to their bodies.


 A woman with more curvaceous figures should pay attention to the versatile middle length options that will allow you to create the perfect look in winter.  You can complement the look with white boots and a fur coat to enchant your wedding guests in the first seconds of the evening.  An additional benefit is the ability to correct your figure with properly placed lace.  A experienced designer can easily lose a few extra pounds or remove a couple of centimeters from your waist or hips.


 How to choose a color scheme for a lace dress


 The most important characteristic of a good lace dress is the color scheme.  Black and white outfits, as always, place the first positions on the world stage, especially when it comes to wedding models.  At the same time, the designers recommend to abstract as much as possible from the classic funeral decorations, so as not to spoil the beautiful look of the dress.


 The great advantage of white lace clothing is the ability to visually show the innocence, kindness and fragility of the bride.  Such things really create a special atmosphere at the celebration and allow you to correctly place accents.  At the same time, no one canceled the image of a fairy-tale princess, which is also ideally complemented by lace in certain positions.


 If we talk about the evening version of a lace dress, then the context of the event should be taken into account.  An important meeting or an official business trip with a  restaurant  is a good opportunity to wear a black and white model combined with pastel colors.  It is important not to overdo it with seriousness, so as not to artificially complicate the image and remain light, but serious and stately girl.


 An informal party with friends is a completely different situation.  In this case, a great addition would be a deep cut that will go all the way to the waist and open up your lovely back to those around you.  Delicate lace will combine and balance elegance with light seductiveness.  In this case, the material of the dress should be of the highest quality, because the lace the visual appearance of the lace fabric strongly depends on this.


 Separately, it is worth considering the office version of a lace dress, which is not used too often by girls, but at the same time it can become a highlight of your wardrobe.  The main criterion is severity, which should show serious intentions, not distract from work and at the same time complement your image of a successful business woman.  We are of the opinion that the cut of the outfit should be simple, and the neckline should be absent or minimal, since any seductiveness in a serious job can look ridiculous and inappropriate.  Thanks to the efforts of our designers, you can be at your best in any situation.


 The standard rules for wearing a lace dress could be added with a few recommendations from fashion houses:


 You need to understand that a lace dress feels great itselve and is a self-sufficient part of a wardrobe that does not need additional decoration.  Only small accessories are suitable that will not draw attention to themselves;


 An important significent remains the individual characteristics of a woman's figure.  Maxi floor-length options are best suited for a tall girl, and short outfits will look appropriate on low female figure;P


 If you are already wearing a lace dress, then it is important to remember that the material is quite fragile and can burst from sudden movements or unexpected swings.  It is necessary to take good care of the fabric, which sacrificing its strength gives a woman the opportunity to reveal her femininity as much as possible.


 Wedding dresses with lace are considered the most delicate and feminine wardrobe items.  Any girl in such an outfit at a celebration will be able to make a splash and catch the eyes of others at the moment.  That is why it is important to be able to focus on dignity of your body with a dress, while carefully masking any flaws.  This can be helped by volume accessories that do not draw attention to themselves while wearing.


 Benefits of lace dresses


 The big advantage of lace models is the simplicity and skillful display of their figure without vulgarity and stereotypes.  If you put on such a dress, then you are already visting party, or at least you are creating it around you.  At the same time, you do not have to spend money on jewelry, since they are used to the very minimum.


 During the selection, you can pay attention to a large number of options for lace dresses.  In fact, there are more than 10 models that are radically different from each other, but are combined by a common lightness, tenderness and femininity.  There are knitted wicker, embroidered and other types, which in turn are made from different materials.


 Dresses that have been embroidered by hand and have a unique, unforgettable design are in great demand.  Such models can be considered luxurious and worthy of showing in high society, as fashion designers all over the world.  But the cost of such products rises accordingly.


 A woman should definitely pay attention to the shape of the neckline so that the V-shaped zone is suitable for the type of figure.  In this case, the chest will stand out favorably, and the overall silhouette will appear visually several times thinner.  In this case, it is better to unbutton the bodice with buttons at the very top, so as not to spoil the overall impression of the chosen model and slightly narrow the shoulders.


 Younger girls can pay attention to the princess style, which is easily achieved to a lace dress.  This can create an incredible experience at a graduation or other special event.  A large assortment and individual assistance in our online store Ivory & Kate will allow you to create an original image that will emphasize your individuality and highlight the features of your figure peculiarity.  You can also consider wearing a tunic to add volume and emphasize your love of freedom and fun.


 What to wear with a lace dress


 The minimum number of accessories does not mean their absence, so you can still improve the image.  First of all, it is worth thinking about your impression that you want to make on a sweatheart or others.  Audacity and exoticism will add dark glasses and earrings to match the color of the dress.  A feminine stiletto heel will make you more fragile, but only if the girl's height is short.  Otherwise, it is recommended to think about a hoop and bracelets.


 It is also important to choose the right color scheme for accessories, since other things will not work here.  The most loyal colors for combination are pastel colors, which can be easily combined with white, coffee, caramel and many other combinations.  Of course, this is not such an interesting option as the red and black combination, but you will be definitely in an advantage position and show your best side.


 A great occasion to wear a red lace dress if you want to go out with a small black clutch and navy blue shoes.  At the same time, accessories in golden-black color will be the perfect complement to blue fabric.  Those who love to experiment could pay attention to purple guipure, which can be added to white jewelry.


 We invite you to look through the catalog of our lace dresses right now and choose the one that suits you.  Our models are designed not only to create a WOW effect, but also took into account all newlyfashion trends. When creating new models, our designers wanted not only to highlight your best sides, but also to provide the girl with comfort.  No stiffness, maximum comfort and the best materials: this is what we adhere for you in our work