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Mesh Maxi Lace Dress with Train

Gorgeous Sheer Lace dress to make your beauty shine.Available in two lace colors white and black. The underlayer of the dress is made of soft fabric on nude color.Every dress detail is designed to attract attention with the long train skirt and a hig..

$189.99 $229.99


Off Shoulder Sheer Sleeves Wedding Lace Dress

Gorgeous Wedding Lace dress to make your beauty shine.Available in two lace colors White and Ivory. The underlayer of the dress is made of soft fabric in matching color with the Lace. The lace has a feminine floral pattern.Modest dress in delicate la..

$279.99 $324.99


Romantic Wedding Lace Dress with Train

♥New Rustic Wedding Dress!Fully made with elegant guipure lace. This model is a modern view of the classic design.The train is small which makes it easy and comfy to move!The style is a basic a-line with a long skirt but without too much volume.This ..

$269.99 $319.99


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Sleeveless Wedding A-Line Lace Maxi Dress

The style is sleeveless basic A-line with a long skirt.This design is right for the church wedding, yet comfy and airy. You can spend all your wedding day in it feeling totally comfy in movement.Fits for different figure types and a nice choice for t..

$251.99 $279.99

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Designer wedding dress

 A wedding is such an important holiday for every woman that it is impossible to describe its significance in life with simple epithets.  Happy newlyweds will delight themselves and those around them with a good mood, the presenter will tell the touching story of the couple's acquaintance, parents will say a few words of parting words, and friends will never let you forget this evening.  The highlight of the wedding is a wedding dress that will stay with the girl forever and keep happy memories.

 Combining the right hairstyle, shoes, creating a dance and not forgetting about the right outfit is very difficult, because even in our online store you will find the huge varities of possible models for every taste.  A great alternative to an ordinary dress from a store is a designer wedding dress that will be distinguished by originality, incredible decor and full compliance with your desires.  You can start studying our catalog right now, and in this article we will tell you about all the subtleties of choosing a wedding dress.

 Wide selection of wedding dresses

 In the online store of designer clothes Ivory & Kate, we tried to create a unique atmosphere of a comfortable choice of dresses for girls with any figure.  We will try to realize even the most daring desires, and the models presented in the catalog are not the only ones that we can offer you.

 Our credo when creating looks for the holidays is that beauty does not mean discomfort.  In the process of sewing, we focus primarily on how exactly and in what situations our clothes will be used.  In a wedding dress, you will not only need to stand at the ceremony and receive gifts from guests, but also perform the first dance, have fun all night at event, eat, sing and rejoice.  In this case, our primary task is to ensure the comfort of the girl for the entire time of the holiday.

 Another important aspect of our work is the selection of high-quality materials that will not only be light and airy, so as not to visually enlarge the figure, but also durable, to protect against tearing due to sudden movements or dancing.  We do not doubt the quality of our products, because we carefully check suppliers and experiment.

 We have a wide selection of wedding dresses of various styles, short and long, for full and thin girls, classic and modern types.  Our main recommendation is to start a dialogue with our consultants and managers as early as possible, so that we have time to make your dreams come true without haste and create the ideal option specifically for you.  The ideal option is to order a few months before the wedding, as custom-tailored designer dresses can be made especially for you.

 In any case, we are ready to help you with the choice and choose an excellent model for your celebration.  We certainly take into account the concept of the event, special stylization and the need for additional decor.  The dress will surely fit perfectly on your figure and will definitely increase your chances of making a splash at the holiday.

 What should you pay attention to when choosing a wedding dress?

 There are many aspects to consider when choosing a wedding dress. Here we tried to collect the opinions of experts and help you decide, or at least find out more information before choosing.  Our consultants will also be happy to tell you the secrets of the choice, so we recommend that you call or write them too.


 Each girl has an individual physique, so the figure must be taken into account when choosing a wedding dress.  To begin with, it is worth choosing a style, because the wedding itself can be moved, the venue can be changed, and the style can be rethought, but it is very difficult to change the body.  The ideal style will emphasize the strengths of your figure and delicately furnish the flaws, therefore there could be several tips:

 If you has a pear-shaped figure, then an A-line skirt would be your option, but it is better to leave the top open.  It is better to forget about fish dresses, because they will only increase the lower part and disregard the shoulders;

 Most of all, the girls with the figure of the clock were lucky, because for them there are no restrictions at all.  Yes, individual models can enhance an already stunning look, but overall there is no need to worry about it.  Just choose what you like best in our online store;

 The A-line dress with closed shoulders is ideal for girls who have an inverted triangle.  In this case, you need to visually reduce the shoulders as much as possible and create an emphasis on the waist and legs.  Only with such a dress will it be possible to achieve the impression of fragility and additionally increase the figure of a person who will be standing next to him;

 A circular shape is not a sentence, as some new designers claim.  It means you need to be more creative in the selection of a wedding dress: open your shoulders, choose a trapeze and, in order, focus on your legs.  You have them beautiful, you don't even have to try to hide it!


 Sometimes it is impossible to change the season, which leads to choose unusual styles and adapt to cold or warm weather.  A wedding dress is usually presented to everyone in a summer style, and some girls, even in winter, simply throw a modest jacket on top.  In fact, for each season, there are already certain recommendations that will help you choose a festive outfit and not feel discomfort while walking.

 We will tell you more about each season of the year:

 Summer.  The most favorable time for simple, light and airy dresses.  Thanks to the mild weather, you don't have to worry about the need for insulation, which allows you to visually reduce your figure.  In this case, you can open your legs, show the neckline or demonstrate to everyone the dignity of your back.  Most used fabrics Chiffon or microsatin;

 Spring.  Quite a difficult time due to rains and remnants of snow, periodic cold and wind.  But all the same, this is the time of flowering, which means that places on nature for celebration are popular.  Designers recommend experimenting with fabric to find the perfect option for your location.  You can use velvet or taffeta to keep the cold wind from ruining your photos.  A long veil or train will interfere very much, so it is better to use them near to the banquet hall;

 Autumn.  In the fall, a train or veil will not look either, but you can refuse a long skirt in order to show your long legs.  In this case, it is better to insulate the top with long sleeves to the elbow in order to create an atmosphere of fabulousness, romance and a little mystery.  Rain can ruin the hem and wet the dress badly, so you should take this into account and provide for covered areas or at least an umbrella;

 Winter.  A difficult period in terms of temperature, but on the other hand, thousands of opportunities for unusual decoration and the use of original materials open up for the bride.  Your festive outfit can be decorated with a beautiful cardigan, an airy cape or a fabulous scarf.  The material will have to be used dense so that the cold does not definitely spoil all the plans, so the visual silhouette will have to be reduced with a favorably selected style.


 The wedding can be held in many places, such as outdoors or in a classic restaurant.  In any case, the main advice is to find harmony between the location and the style of the dress.  The restaurant goes well with a classic-cut dress, and satin, silk or crepe is in perfect harmony with a villa or an expensive elite establishment.  You don't need to choose a budget place and invest the entire budget in a dress, because it will look vulgar and excessive.

 If you are a lover of outdoor recreation, then you should consider the Provence style.  It looks great in green areas and may suit you even in winter.  Usually chiffon or tulle is used for sewing in this case.  At the same time, it is important to set limits on the size of the dress, because “big” clothes will interfere with movement, dance and have fun at the holiday.

 Water locations deserve special attention, when newlyweds decide to rent a boat or a steamer, or even just hold a celebration on the beach.  In this case, it is imperative to provide for a dress that is as light as possible without heavy details.  The sea or the ocean is light, and therefore you must be airy to blend in with the water.

 Wedding stylistics

 Themed weddings are very popular right now, but classic weddings are still the most popular.  Here is an important advice outside the theme of the dress: take care of the appearance of the groom and guests in advance, at least the closest ones.  It is important to create the same type of decor for the hall and clothes so that the whole picture as a whole is in perfect harmony and does not get out of style.

 There are some basic tips from world's designers and our consultants:

 Rustic style is a great reason to wear a straight dress with unusual silk that will flow and visually lengthen your legs.  You can additionally decorate the groom with a vest, preferably brown, to increase the representativeness;

 “Shabby chic” is a great opportunity to choose a white dress, which will be decorated with gorgeous lace.  In this case, you can achieve an atmosphere of tenderness, female happiness, love and tranquility;

 In the “retro” style, you need to add vintage details, put on a hat and order a cropped dress in our online store.  In this case, you will conquer everyone with your appearance and be sure to demonstrate your passion and good mood;

 Provence differs from other styles by its French origin.  This is a kind of elitism, elegance, grace, which means that a wedding dress should be like that.  A good model would be a maxi version with a long hem;

 Option for creative people «Boho» - an opportunity to show their originality and combine incompatible elements of clothing.  You can think of heavy but comfortable boots and a light dress.  At the same time, men in this case should not stand out too much: it is enough to choose a textured type vest and complement it with trousers without additional decor.


 Often the cost of a wedding dress can unpleasantly surprise the bride, but you can start rejoicing right now, because you are in our online store.  At Ivory & Kate, you can definitely find the right outfit for yourself for any budget, so here are just a few recommendations:

 Immediately tell the consultants how much you are ready to spend on the dress.  You can often see many very beautiful models that do not fit into the planned amount at the moment.  Because of this, the mood spoils, despite the fact that we have many equally interesting alternatives;

 You can save on material, because silk, velvet or French lace are very expensive materials, but satin or chiffon look great, but they are much cheaper;

 Some brides want to save money on giving their dress to a private master and purchasing materials and fabrics on their own.  In fact, let's open a little secret: often buying a dress in our online store will be cheaper.  The fact is that we have discounts from suppliers due to bulk purchase volumes and special agreements that give us the right to buy cheaper.  We have optimized the work and do not waste an unnecessary amount of time.  That is why the opinion about a lower cost from private craftsmen is just a myth that we are ready to refute.

 Individual tailoring or stitching

 The bride should remember that tailoring a dress specially for a girl is not only more expensive, but also longer in time.  Unfortunately, it is impossible to create a dress from scratch in a few days, so if there are 2 weeks left before the celebration, then it is better to consider the option of buying a ready-made outfit.  In this case, it can be sutured without any problems.

 If you have a lot of time, you can order personal tailoring and be glad that the dress fits perfectly on the bride.  In this case, it will turn out to realize all your desires and without any problems appear in public exactly in the form that you have dreamed of since childhood.

 Wedding Guest Dresses by Ivory & Kate

 In addition to her own wedding dress, a woman needs to take care of those people who come to the holiday.  The general style of dress is a great opportunity to take colorful photos and create a unique atmosphere at the wedding.  In addition to wedding dresses, we also offer special clothes for guests, which will perfectly complement your look.

 A very important point in dresses for guests is that you cannot overdo it with the colorfulness and decor.  All the same, the main girl of the evening is the bride, which means that it is bad taste and disrespect to overshadow her outfit with her eccentric or bright clothes.  We specially select outfits so that the bride remains the main highlight of the evening, and the guests complement her perfectly, without pulling the blanket over themselves.

 In addition, we will tell you about the colors that guests should adhere to.  In any case, white color belongs only to the bride, which means that any dresses with a significant amount of white elements are unacceptable.  At the same time, it is important for the bride to help her guests in choosing suits and dresses so that awkward situations do not arise.  It is best to trust one store, so that conceptually they are minimally different, but still different.

 We suggest that you use our online catalog now and choose an original wedding dress for yourself.  You can also select and order individual outfits for your guests.  Our consultants will be happy to help you choose clothes for the wedding at once for all people on it, in order to comply with all your wishes and create a unique concept that you will compliment with the decor of the hall.

 We also want to remind girls that our main task is not only to create beautiful, original and memorable outfits, but also to increase the comfort of a woman while wearing.  We are against the fact that beauty requires sacrifice.  We are sure that we will be able to create a unique and interesting look for you, which will not interfere with the fun, will allow you to dance and will not tear because of a sudden movement.  We will be glad if you contact our consultants!